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You may have noticed two different types of search results online: results on the left and results on the right (View the image to the lower left for an example). The results on the left hand side of a traditional search engine results page (SERP) are considered organic/natural listings. To get to the top of search results for these organic listings, you will need to Get Optimized through Basic or Deep SEO. Moving up the ranks of natural search may take some time, you will find that some firms (like Get Searchable) quote a minimum of 4-6 weeks, while others quote as much as 6 months before your natural search rankings improve with SEO. For those who want immediate visibility with complete control over the text, conversions, and end goal of your search listing, a Pay Per Click or PPC campaign is right for you!

The Benefits of Getting a PPC Campaign Through Get Searchable

You Will Receive

  • Complete Control Over Ad Text (We Don't Use Templates, Your Ad is Custom & Unique)
  • Control Over Where Your Ad Appears (Choose Time of Day, Location, etc.)
  • Local Targeting (Only Let Your Ad Appear When Someone Near Your Business is Searching)
  • Control Over What Page of Your Site People See Once They've Clicked On Your Ad
  • Ability To Include Your Location and Phone Number in Ad
  • Immediate Online Visibility (Changes Will Appear Immediately Upon Request As Well)
  • Advertise Current Promotions Easily
  • No Minimum Commitment Time (Cancel at 5:00 and Your Ad Will be Down by 5:05)
  • Your Personal and Experienced PPC Manager with a Record of Success
  • A Positive Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Pay Only When Someone Clicks On Your Ad
  • Monthly Click and Analytics Reports
  • A Monthly Budget That Will Not Be Exceeded (Never Spend More Than You Bargain For)
  • The Lowest Management Fees on the Market - We Will Match Any Rate You Find And Go 10% Below That
  • Access to Google's Content Network Allowing Your Ad to Reach 76% of ALL Searches Done
    in Your Market!
How Does it Work

Google, Yahoo!, and MSN are the 3 major PPC providers online. Through a Google Adwords Campaign, Yahoo! Search Marketing, or Microsoft AdCenter, we will create and manage your own PPC ad campaign. Pay Per Click advertising campaigns work in the exact way their name implies: You pay only when someone clicks on your ad and goes directly to your website. How much you pay is determined by an ongoing bid war. Businesses bid online for the same keywords and your ranking on search is determined by your maximum bid per click in combination with a variation of other factors. Let's take a business card printer for example. The business card printer wants to be found online anytime someone searches: "Cheap business cards" on Google. At the same time, their competition also wants to be found for the same search. Both companies open a Google Adwords account and bid on the aforementioned keyword phrase. When someone enters that phrase (or a version of the phrase) into the Google search box, both businesses appear on page one in the Sponsored Links column. It doesn't cost the business a single penny to appear on page one, it will only cost them the amount that they bid IF someone clicks on their ad and goes to their website.

Sounds Easy... Why Do I Need Get Searchable's Help?

This answer to this is: You may not. At Get Searchable, we're happy to walk you through starting your own PPC campaign and empowering you with the knowledge necessary to manage this campaign as well. Others, may not have the time to spend managing a campaign of this magnitude, which is where Get Searchable comes in. A successful PPC campaign requires keyword research, 20-50 keywords to scrutinize and manage, constant monitoring of bids, local targeting, time targeting, proper ad text, landing page analysis, and more. Google uses a precise algorithm to determine where your PPC campaign ranks on Page 1 of search. Are you number 1 or number 10? Unfortunately, being number one does not come as easily as paying the most per keyword. In fact, Google's algorithm makes it such that your competitor could be paying less than you, but still ranking higher than you. Google does this to ensure that your company is creating relevant, honest, and worthy ads. At Get Searchable, our search marketing experts have years of experience learning this algorithm and creating successful ad campaigns to maximize your visibility, minimize your ad spend, and exceed target return on investment (ROI).

OK, But is a PPC Ad Campaign Right for Me?

PPC ad campaigns are not right for every business or market. When deciding if a PPC ad campaign is right for you, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is my marketing budget?
  • How much is one new customer worth to me?
  • When I search online, do I click natural or paid links?
  • What would my target customers click?
  • Do I want control over how my search results appear/look online?

If you're unsure, contact us today for a FREE consultation to determine whether a PPC campiagn is right for you!

How Much Does it Cost?

To manage your PPC campaign, we charge a flat one-time setup fee of $150 for Google or MSN and $200 for Yahoo! (Yahoo! charges a $50 fee to use their services which is included in your Yahoo! setup fee). Once your ad campaign is created, we charge a monthly management fee of $99 and you are expected to pay your own click costs. Included in your management are all of the benefits listed above. Unlike other companies, at Get Searchable, we charge a low monthly rate, while still being available to you whenever you need us. And, as an added benefit, your business is so important to us, that if you find a lower quote for the same services, we will match that quote and undercut it by 10%! So, to get your custom ad campaign today, Contact Us and Get Searchable!

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