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In today's technologically enhanced world your business is no longer a step ahead of the game if it has a website. Instead, your business is expected to have a website just to be in the game. Just as importantly, your web site is expected to be easy to find with a related keyword or two, vs. a customer having to remember your name. But how do you do this if your business name is not a household name like Bestbuy, Ebay, Target, Amazon, etc.? Will your market keep searching for your business alone to answer their needs? The fact is, if your answers aren't readily at the fingertips of the questioning market, then you risk loosing customers to someone more available. The world wide web equals convenience at the click of a mouse. Is your website easy to find online? Or is it lost in the pile of 40 billion plus sites competiting for page one real estate on Google, Yahoo!, MSN, Ask, etc.?

Search enging optimization (SEO) is the act of coding your web site for page one performance online. The number one goal of a search engine is to keep people searching on their platform. It is a business just like yours, just like ours, and just like anyone elses with an end goal for top customer service. To keep customers, search engines must return relevant results for every query. With so many sites to choose from, Google and other search engines have developed algorithms to determine the absolute best web sites for each search. In other words, just because you know your web site is relevant, doesn't mean Google will. Google uses tools they call "spiders" to crawl the web and return their findings. To speak to these spiders, you need to know their language and understand what information they can retrieve that Google will view as relevant and search friendly. This is what SEO coding is all about. At Get Searchable, we make sure that your site is fortified with the cleanest and most ethical search engine optimization there is. Through our efforts, your site will move to the top of search and your market will find you faster and easier!

At Get Searchable, we offer two types of SEO, but if you can find room for a 3rd option, let us know and we will work with you to custimize your SEO coding:

Basic SEO:

Basic Search Optimization of up to 30 web pages with extensive deep coding of 3 major pages. In Basic SEO, a site is optimized for 10 major search queries. Costs range between $200-$400 one-time depending on needs.

Deep SEO:

Extensive Search Optimization for each uniqe web page. In Deep SEO, a site is optimized for 30 major search queries or more, depending on needs. Costs depend on website's current condition and range between $15 - $45/page. A one-time bundle price can be negotiated.

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